E Guard Environmental Services


E Guard’s services has been highly valued and it’s local and international clients cite E Guard in delivering their success in challenging arena in safeguarding the social and environment. E Guard is providing the following quality services to ensure the environmentally sustainable development in-line with the national/international guidelines and standards.

Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Screening/Scoping
  • Stakeholder Consultation
  • Baseline Environmental and Social Survey 
  • Impact Assessment
  • Determination of Mitigation
  • Environmental Management Planning (EMP)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Report Review

EMP Implementation

  • Preparation of Site Specific EMP for pre, during and post construction 
  • Environmental Monitoring and Reporting for Compliance
  • Environmental Inspection/Auditing and Compliance Monitoring
  • On-site Training (Capacity Building)

Environmental Quality Assessment

  • Noise Monitoring

         Background noise monitoring?, Use of noise models, Assessment of potential noise impacts, Reporting for EIA/environmental appraisal purposes, Recommendations for noise reduction, Design of noise mitigation measures.

  • Air Quality

          Initial review of air quality baseline, including on-site visits to confirm sensitive receptors? Air Quality Assessment in accordance with relevant regulators's guidance and legislation, Reporting for EIA purposes, Design of Air Quality mitigation measures.

  • Water Quality

          Baseline WQ monitoring?, Assessment of potential WQ impacts, Reporting for EIA and environmental appraisal purposes. 

Sustainable Environmental Services

  • Resource Optimisation Reviews (RORs)
  • Review of Environmentally Significant Products
  • Resource Flow Analysis and Ecological Footprints
  • Public opinion surveys regarding the various environmetal issues
  • Waste Segregation & Minimisation Research (Residual Waste, Commercial Waste, Industrial Waste, Rural Waste)
  • Development of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and related Audits (Interface audits, Energy audits)

Our team members are experts at managing the EIA process and compiling the resulting Environmental Conditions and Environmental Management Plan into Environmental Impact Assessment Report. We are most effective at supporting the environmental planning process when part of the development design team.  In this role we’re able to provide strategic input to help our clients avoid potentially significant environmental constraints whilst helping to protect the environment. Our EIA team has been successful at managing the EIAs for developments in a range of sectors, including transport, energy & renewables, residential, industries, mining, healthcare and ports. 

We benefit from having specialist in-house assessors who work together to evaluate the range of topics covered by EIA, such as ecology, hydrology and geology, GIS, land quality, air quality and environmental noise. We have a trusted network of co-consultants for certain specialist topics, such as acheology, marine sciences, fishery and aqualcultural. In combination with the experience and skill of our EIA project lead consultants, our team are able to undertake EIA in a holistic manner, with knowledge of each topic and ability to assess the complex interactions between topics, as part of the cumulative assessment. 

We routinely support our clients to implement the schedule of mitigation and comply with the requirement of regulators conditions through our team of Environmental Consultants and Specialists who are members of MEAA.

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